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Jim Penrod

For many years caller Jim Penrod (Stockton, Calif.) had a web site www.penrod-sq-dancing.com which contained much information of interest to callers. One feature was a list of the Mainstream and Plus program calls with pages showing the definitions and providing teaching hints. Upon the death of Jim (2008) and his wife Rose (2009) the web site disappeared. Most of the information from the site about teaching Mainstream and Plus Program calls appears below as a tribute to Jim. Some of the pages may not be the latest that were on the site and some original pages are not available. As Jim said "My site is for the promotion of square dancing, ...... There are pages to help callers and dancers learn the definitions, how to teach/learn." I hope you find what is here helpful.

NOTE: CALLERLAB has posted some teaching hints for the Mainstream program and the Plus program that are not as elaborate as Jim's but which might be helpful and more up to date. The Callerlab site also has the current Mainstream Program definitions and the Plus Program definitions. They should be used in place of Penrod's when teaching today. The old definitions have been left for historical reference.

NOTE: If you are looking for animations similar to Penrod's you might try the Tam Twirler "Taminations" at www.tamtwirlers.org/tamination.

NOTE: A large number of Jims web pages are archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. To view Jim's pages there click here .

Mainstream Program
Alphabetical Order
Plus Program
Alphabetical Order
1st/2nd Couple go Right/Left (see double pass thru)
Alamo Ring not available
All around the Left Hand Lady
Allemande Left
Arm Turns Not Available
Bend the Line
Box the Gnat
California Twirl
Cast Off 3/4
Centers In
Circle Family
   a. Left   b. Right
Circle to a Line
Circulate Family
   a. Boys, Girls,
   b. All Eight,
   d. Ends,
   e. Centers,
   f. Couples,
   g. Box,    h. Split
   i. Single File (Column)
Courtesy Turn
Dancer Naming Not Available
Dive Thru
Dixie Style--Ocean Wave
Do Paso
Double Pass Thru
Eight Chain Thru    (1-8 Hands) (Moved to Plus)
Extend (1/4 Tag Only)
Fan the Top (Moved to Plus)
Ferris Wheel
Flutter Wheel Family
   a. Flutterwheel
   b. Reverse Flutterwheel
Fold Family
   a. Boys, Girls,
   c. Ends
   d. Centers,
   e. Cross
Forward & Back
Grand Square
Half Sashay Family
   b. Rollaway
   c. Ladies in, Men Sashay
Hinge Family
Ladies Chain Family
   a. 2 Ladies (reg & 3/4)
   b. 4 Ladies (reg & 3/4)
   c. Chain Down the Line
Lead Right
Ocean Wave Family
   a. Right Hand Wave
   b. Left Hand Wave
   c. Wave Balance
Pass the Ocean
Pass Thru
Pass To The Center
Promenade Family
   a. Couples (full, 1/2, 3/4)
Recycle (Waves Only)
Right & Left Grand Family
   a. Right and Left Grand
   b. Weave the Ring
   c. Wrong Way Grand
Right & Left Thru
Run Family
   a. Boys,
   b. Girls,
   c. Ends
   d. Centers,
   e. Cross
Scoot Back
See Saw
Shoot the Star (Full Around)
Slide Thru - Not available
Slip the Clutch
* Spin Chain Thru (Moved To Plus)
Spin The Top
Split the Outside Couple
Square Thru Family
   a. Square Thru
   b. Left Square Thru
Star Family
   a. Left
   b. Right
Star Promenade
Star Thru
Sweep a Quarter
Swing Thru Family
   a. Swing Thru
   b. Alamo Style Wave
   c. Left Swing Thru
Tag Family
   (In/Out/Left/Right)Half Tag
Thar Family
   b. Wrong Way Thar
Touch 1/4
Trade By
Trade Family
   a. Boys, Girls,
   b. Ends,
   c. Centers
   d. Couples,
   f. Partner
Turn Back Family
   a. U Turn Back
   b. Backtrack
Turn Thru
Veer Family
   a. Left,    b. Right
Walk & Dodge
Wheel & Deal Family
   a. Lines of Four
   b. Two-Faced Lines
Wheel around

Acey Deucey
All 8 Spin The Top
(Anything) & Roll
(Anything) & Spread
Chase Right
Cut the Diamond
Diamond Circulate
Dixie Grand
Explode The Wave
Explode and Anything
Fan the Top(moved from MS) - Not available
Flip the Diamond
Follow Your Neighbor And Spread
Grand Swing Thru
Linear Cycle (from waves only)
Load The Boat
Peel Off
Peel The Top
Ping Pong Circulate
Relay the Deucey
Single Circle To A Wave - Not available
Spin Chain Thru (Moved from MS)
Spin Chain The Gears
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears - Not available
3/4Tag The Line
Teacup Chain (Heads|Sides )
Track Two
Trade The Wave

Definitions are probably Callerlab definitions circa 2001.

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