Tom Fromm writes:
10. PASS THRU: Starting formation -facing dancers. Dancers move forward, passing right shoulders with each other. Each ends in the other's starting position but neither dancer changes facing direction.

STYLING: Man's right shoulder slightly forward as right shoulders pass. Arms in natural dance position. Ladies work skirts with hands, right hand leading as right shoulders pass.

TIMING: From a static square (SS), heads or sides passing thru across the set, 4; Box, 2.

When I teach this, I tell them it is the simplest move we have. I tell them the name, definition, and tell them that the thing to remember, is to pass right shoulders. From a SS, I will have the heads go forward and back. I'll have them go forward again, and pass thru and stop. I will tell them that this is the end of the move. I will tell them that when we pass thru, we DO NOT change the way we are facing. I will then have them to just turn around and face the ones they passed thru with. I'll have them pass thru again. Now I will tell them to turn around and square the set. I will then have the sides do the same thing.

By having one couple either promenade 3/4, or circle 3/4, I will get them to a DPT position. After breaking it up with a dosado in the center, I'll have the centers pass thru. When I get them to into boxes, I will want to have them circle 3/4 to a line. I'll have them pass thru here. I will have them "turn around", and either pass thru, or circle 3/4. While they are learning about pass thru, I am also getting them used to being on the "wrong" side. If I keep getting them on the "wrong" side, it starts to feel OK. I will use this move from a variety of ways, just having them "turn around" when some or all are facing out.

This may be the first time I have had them as "mixed" as I do now. A couple of comments like "how did I get you like that" or "I don't think I can fix this mess I made with you now" really gets some smiles. It really gets smiles, when you have them do an Allemande Left, and they are right.

Judy Obee Writes:
Here is my cheat sheet for teaching Pass Thru.

My sources are CallerTeach manual, and Gene Trimmer's Singing thru Mainstream.

H move fwd into the center
H pass Right shoulders with your opposite
Move ahead and stop.
That's all there is to a Pass Thru
Now, if you'll turn around by yourself to face the other way, we'll try it again.
Pass Thru
Fine. Remember, the PT ends at this point Turn around so you're at the same home position as when you started.

Under crowded conditions, you will go thru sideways - lead with your right shoulder.

Repeat with the sides........

All face your partners, PT your partner
LA, prom

(RH Lady progression)
H PT, and those 2 prom halfway around to home
S PT, and those 2 prom halfway around to home
All face your partner and PT
Swing the next, prom (repeat 3 more times)

H (PT, Fc Prt) 4 times, back out at home
(after 2nd PT, the partner is the one to your side!)
S (PT, Fc Prt) 3 times, PT, LA, prom.

Trimmer Opener #17:
H PT, with your Partner PromeNade Home
1,2,3,4,Sides Pass Thru, With your
Partner PromeNade Home, 5, 6, 7, 8
Four Ladies Promenade Inside that Ring
Turn your Partner Right, a Full Turn to your Corner
Allemande Left your Corner, come Back and Prom

Trimmer Figure #18:
H/S Prom half way
Into the Middle, PT, Face Prt, PT
Fc Partner, Back out at home
S/H Prom half way
Into the Middle, PT, Fc Prt, PT
Swing your Corner, and All Promenade