60. WALK AND DODGE: Starting formation -box circulate or facing couples. From box circulate formation, each dancer facing into the box walks forward to take the place of the dancer who was directly in front of him. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out of the box steps sideways (dodges) into the position vacated by the "walker" who was formerly beside him. Dancers end side by side, both facing out. If walk and dodge is called from facing couples, the caller must designate who is to walk and who is to dodge (e.g., "men walk, ladies dodge"). Ending is a box circulate formation.

STYLING: Arms in natural dance position. Skirt work for the ladies is optional. Hands should be ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.

TIMING: 4 steps.

Jim Penrod wrote:
For easy teach, the caller should place the dancers in a Box formation. Example, Heads Touch 1/4. Now tell the dancers that if they are looking at another persons back in their foursome, they are the ones that will walk forward. Tell the person that is not looking at someone's back that they are the Dodger (not a baseball fan). They will slide (dodge) into the position of the one that is doing the walking.

Or the caller can have all eight dancers envolved by having the Heads/Sides Square Thru, Touch 1/4. This set up a box formation. Use the above description to explain the call. The Dodger must be caution not to turn around. This is the usual mistake since, probably, they have been doing Scoot Back where the outfacer will Fold.
When teaching this call from facing couples, tell the dancers that the caller will always tell them which dancer will be the Walker and which dancer will be the Dodger. The Dodger will still slide into the Walker's position without turning.

The caller should practice the dancers with everyone being a Walker. Naturally this means then that everyone should be practiced being a Dodger.

It is recommended that both Box and Facing formations be used on the initial teach if possible.

Here are a couple singing call figures that stay within the CL teaching order.

Heads Promenade 1/2
Square Thru 4
Swing Thru
Boys Run
Ferris Wheel
Centers Sweep 1/4
Centers Touch 1/4
Walk & Dodge
Swing , Promenade

Heads Touch 1/4
Boys Run
Right & Left Thru
Veer Left
Ferris Wheel
Centers Sweep 1/4
Centers Touch 1/4
Walk & Dodge
Square Thru 3
Trade By

Bill Horst writes:
When I teach this call I first set up the dancers in mini-squares (two couples only facing each other.) I call touch 1/4 and explain that if you are facing out, just slide over. If you are facing in then walk straight ahead. I also tell them that nobody changes facing directions. Since I am in Los Angeles, I always make a joke about the "Dodgers" such as "Who are the walkers? the girls. Who are the Dodgers? the team that just traded Mike Piazza."

Mike Gormley writes:
I do the same, except I use 4 boys together and separately, 4 girls together.

Scot & Erin Byars writes:
Scot tells the men that they are carrying large tv sets, and they girls that they are opening the sliding door of a "dodge" van, so that they men can throw the tvs inside. Works like a charm, and they never forget!