RIGHT AND LEFT GRAND FAMILY: Starting formation - square or circle or any position where dancers may conveniently turn 90 degrees or less (if necessary) to face opposite sex, men facing counterclockwise, ladies clockwise.
(a) RIGHT AND LEFT GRAND: If necessary, dancers turn 90 degrees or less to face opposite sex (men counter-clockwise, ladies clockwise) join right hands, if not already joined, and pull by. Each moves ahead, around the circle, and gives the left hand to the next, a right to the next and left to the next until each dancer meets the person with whom he started.
(b) WEAVE THE RING: A right and left grand without touching hands.
(c) WRONG WAY GRAND: Like Right and Left Grand, but men move clockwise and ladies move counterclockwise.

(A) RIGHT AND LEFT GRAND is among the first few calls that I teach. The dancers should be told to face their partner (while in a static square). They should be told that they are going to learn one of the most used calls in square dancing called "Right and Left Grand". Just like the name of the call implies, they will start with the Right hand, then use the Left hand. Grand means that all eight dancers will be working together. As they work around the circle, when they meet this same person again, the call will be completed. It will require using the Right hand two time and the Left hand two times. At this point tell the dancers to extend their Right hand to each other and take hold as if they were shaking hands. Emphise not to take a firm grip. Now each will walk by or pull by each other. But before they start to move, tell them to turn each other loose when they are side by side. Have them to gently pull by. Now they are ready to use their Left hand the same way. Have them gently pull by using the left hand.

Repeat the above action - right and left. Emphise that they are now looking at the same person that they started the call with. Emphise that they use four hands or twice with the right and twice with the left. Tell the dancers that they will not always be looking at their original partner when they start the call, but will always finish when they meet the person they started the call with.

As soon as possible demonstrate the call by having the dancers start with a "new" partner.

(B) WEAVE THE RING is taught just like Right and Left Grand but do not touch as you go around the ring. I tell the new dancer that Right and Left Grand is usually used in patter and Weave The Ring is used in singing calls.

(C) WRONG WAY GRAND is taught just like right and Left Grand except the man will be facing clockwise and the girl is facing counter clockwise. They will still end the call when they are again facing the person they started the call with.