70.LOAD THE BOAT Starting formation - Lines of four, with centers facing in, and the ends of each line facing the same (in or out) direction. The end dancers move forward around the outside, passing right shoulders with three moving end dancers, and turn to-quarter in (90 degrees) to stand beside the third person passed, facing the center of the set as a couple. simultaneously, the center four dancers Pass Thru, turn their backs to the momentary partners, Partner Trade with their new partners, and Pass Thru.

Caution: It seems that the center four persons will have trouble. It is theorized that it because the dancers have not been taught "Quarter Out". Some will say that it shouldn't be necessary for them to learn Quarter Out. There is no call Turn Your Back. They don't understand Turn "Out".

Some callers start the teach by having the Heads Rolloway. Then just teach those two couple the Center Part of Load The Boat. The same for the Sides.

One method is to start with just the end dancers. Ask them to look at the other three dancers that are on the end of the line. Tell them as far as they are concerned they are the only ones they must worry about while doing the call. Tell them that they are going to walk around the outside, passing 3 (three) people RIGHT shoulders. When they pass the Third person turn IMMEDIATELY to face the center of the set. Now Tell them to pass the other end person and stop. They have just pass by ONE person. Now they should be warned that it is important that they all move at the same speed. Start walking until they pass another person then stop. You have just passed the SECOND person. Now continue walking until you get side by side another person and stop. You about to pass the THIRD person. When you do, turn to face the center of the set immediately so you wind up side by side. You have completed the ends part of Load the Boat.

Center People Should be cautioned to watch what the Ends do and now the Ends should be warned to watch what the Centers do.

Centers have four parts to remember. They should look who is beside them now. First part is to Pass Thru. Do that. Second Part is to turn your back toward the person beside them. Do that now. Third part, draw their attention that they have a new partner beside them. Do a Partner Trade. Fourth part, Pass Thru.

It is suggested that the caller have the dancers Slide Thru, R & L Thru, then walk the dancers again through the call from the top. Do this until you feel the dancers get the idea. Then after completing the call, have the dancers Slide Thru. This will get new ends and new centers. Walk the call as before until they become some what comfortable with the call. Don't get discourage if some in the center have a hard time learning that part. If you teach them well or let them learn it, you will find later that this call will lead to a lot of fun routines. You can have the ends do something while the centers do some other series of calls. Or you can have everyone do the Centers Part of Load the Boat. It is recommended that the dancers are permitted to learn and get comfortable with this call from "standard" facing lines before going to Half Sashayed or Ends facing out Lines.

Some routines:
Heads/Sides Square Thru
Star Thru
Load the Boat
Swing Thru
Boys Run Right
1/2 Tag the Line (here you can Swing the Corner for a singing call) or for patter use
Ferris Wheel
Centers Pass Thru

Heads/Sides Pass the Ocean
Ping Pong Circulate
Swing thru
Boys run Right
Bend the Line
R & L Thru
Load the Boat
Slide Thru
Pass thru
Wheel & Deal
Pass Thru

For those that like Extended Application
Heads/sides Touch 1/4
Center Boys Run
Centers In
Cast off 3/4 (Ends are now facing out.)
Center 4 R & L Thru
Same four Sashay
Load the Boat
(here you brave ones can call Trade By but you will have to sight your way out)
Centers U Turn Back
Centers Slide Thru
Pass to the Center
Square Thru 3/4