Tom Fromm wrote:
46. TRADE BY: Starting formation -trade by or any formation in which two couples are facing each other and the other couples are facing out. The couples facing each other pass thru, the couples facing out do a partner trade to face in.

STYLING: Same as pass thru and partner trade.

TIMING: 4 steps

I don't really do as much to teach this move, as I do to call it to them directionally. I will get them into a trade by position, and directionally "cue" it as centers pass thru, out sides partner trade. I will do this several times, then tell them that we are going to learn a new call. I tell them the name of the call, and that we have done it several times tonight already. I tell them the definition, and tell them that I have been calling it as two moves.

I will then show them the two moves together, and tell them that they should say to themselves,"centers pass thru, out sides partner trade", as they do the move. I will then ask them to say it aloud, as we do it together. The first few times, I will "cue" it, then let them say it to themselves.

I will show them the call a few weeks later, from another set-up. I will get them in GGBB facing lines, and have the ends star thru. I will tell them that I want to show them another use for the call Trade By. I will remind them of the definition, and explain what I am wanting. I will then ask them to Trade By. I will be sure to have each of the dancers do both parts.

I will tell them that this usage is out of the ordinary, but that I wanted to make them aware of it. I feel that this usage is for the most part, hard for the dancers to do. I wouldn't call it to dancers below a VERY strong MS level, then only with helper words and extra time. I would not call it cold to a floor, unless I know they have done it before, (a DBD gang that I have worked with) and have a good understanding of it.

For the dancers that WANT to solve puzzles, this move can be fun to play with. The caller can make a game out of it, to see how many different ways she/he can set it up. Also, to get the dancers working together, ask them to Trade By three times. This gets them doing things in unison. If they are OK with that, Tell them to keep Trading By, till you get back from a break. That should get some smiles.

As simple as this move is from the SA, it can become tough as EA. Know the dancers and know when to say when.