Written by Tom Fromm
4. SWING: Starting formation -facing dancers (man and lady). Dancers step forward ending right side to right side and move around each other turning in a clockwise direction four or more counts. Dancers break out of the swing. The lady continues turning to her right until facing the same direction as the man, they form a couple.

STYLING: Men -left arm bent at the elbow, palm slightly up, right hand on lady's back slightly above the waist, posture should be erect. Ladies -right hand palm down on man's left hand, left hand on man's right shoulder, arm resting on man's right arm. Footwork:

WALK AROUND -use short walking or shuffling steps around the central point.
BUZZ STEP -right foot moves in small steps around the pivot point between the two dancers while the left foot pushes, as in a scooter motion.
Ending position: Lady rolls off man's right arm blending smoothly to position for the next call or twirls (to a promenade position only - lady's option). To twirl, the man raises his left hand over the lady's head, holding lady's right hand loosely. Her hand revolves around his for stability as she turns clockwise moving down line of dance three steps, into a promenade position, joining inside hands on the 4th step. While the lady turns, the man will move forward down the line of dance to be in position for the promenade.

TIMING: Advancing skill, usually 4 to 8 beats of music, used at caller's discretion.

When I get ready to teach this move, I want to teach it with own partners first. I would walk them through slowly, stopping after each part to explain. I would have the dancers face their partner. Now walk up right side to right side with her, and stop. Now the boy put his left hand up with his elbow bent just a little, palm up. Now ladies, put your right hand in his left. Now guys, "be a gentleman" and put your right hand on the ladies back just above the waist. Ladies, you put your left hand on the mans right shoulder. I would tell the guys to adjust the height of their left hand so that the ladies are comfortable. Now everyone walking forward, using the spot between your right feet as a pivot point, turn about 1/2 way around. Now the lady roll out to the mans right side, facing the same direction as he is. I'll tell them that they should end facing in as a couple when complete. I will tell them that after we learn to promenade, we will work on making swing flow nicely into a promenade, but for now we'll face in. (Notice that I haven't added the twirl yet.)

After a couple of practice runs, I would have the head boys walk across to the opposite girl. Now have them swing the opposite girl. I have the boy walk across, to allow them more room than they would have in the middle. The purpose of having only the heads do it, is so the sides can watch, and I only need to watch 1/2 as many, to be sure there are no problems. I stress to them to put the girl on the right side of the boy. I will then give the sides equal time.

I would tell them that we CAN put a little flourish on the end, IF the lady wishes. I would demo it to them, along with my wife. First we would demo the way they had just done it, then we would add the twirl. I would tell the men that if the lady doesn't wish to twirl, abide by her wishes. I also stress to them to hold the ladies hand loosely, but don't let go. They are responsible for maintaining the ladies balance. I would also tell them that if they look into each others eyes while turning, it helps keep from getting dizzy. I'll tell the ladies that if they don't want to twirl, to keep their right arm stiff and give the man a little resistance. I would ask them to at least try to do it now, for the sake of learning.

I would have them each try it with their own partner a couple times. Through out the evening, I would mix them up and have them swing all of the opposite gender.