By Jim Penrod I must tell you first that I have no magic formula to teaching the call. With that said, it seems that I don't have much trouble getting the dancers to learn the call.

I do more talking while teaching this call than any other call. I also walk the dancers very, very slowly the first several walk throughs. Also I make very sure that I rotate the dancers while doing the initial teach. Now -- I first explain that Relay the Duecey is a combinations of Grand Swing Thrus and Spin the Top.

"First, let's do a part of Spin the Top. Everyone turn 1/2 by the right, then Centers turn 3/4 by the Left. Stop. Everybody look at the Wave. Those NOT in the wave, it is your job to get into the wave. But the only way you can get into the wave is circulating to the end of the wave. So now those circulate until two people are on the end of the wave. Stop. Here is where most make the first mistake. Either the outside person won't get there or the person on the end of the wave won't realize that they must now use their right hand. Watch out for this. Notice that now we have six people in the wave. There are two people that have not made it to the wave but you will soon. Now comes the Grand Swing Thrus. Lets do a Grand Swing Thru. Stop.

Everyone listen carefully. Once you have done a Grand Swing Thru and come to the end of the Wave you must leave the Wave but you will continue walking around the outside of the Wave. So now the end of the wave move off and the other outside person move to end of the wave. Now those six people Turn 1/2 by the Right. Now those that have Left hands joined will turn 3/4 by the Left. We have now formed a new 4 person wave."

I also tell them to be sure to NOT try to jump into the wave unless they come to the end of the wave. Once they leave the wave DO NOT try to get back in. After they have walked it a few times, I point out to them to look at the person on their right before they start. If they do it right that person will be beside them when they finish.

I also point out that some people have problems knowing when the call is finished since there is so much turning. If the call starts with the men on the end of the wave, the first and only time the girls touch another girl by the left hand they will turn 3/4 and the call is finished.

This is a lot of talking (especially for me while teaching). But this is one of those calls that should be worked very slowly and explained fully on the initial teaches. It will pay off in the long run.
I also clue the dancers for a long time when they are practicing the call. Turn 1/2 Right, 3/4 Left, Move up, 1/2 Right ...