Tom D Fromm writes:
53. FERRIS WHEEL: Starting formation -two parallel two-faced lines. The couples facing out wheel and deal to become the outside couples in a double pass thru formation. Meanwhile, the couples facing in step straight ahead to momentarily form a two-faced line in the center. Without stopping, they wheel and deal in that line to end as the center couples in a double pass thru formation.

STYLING: All dancers use couple handholds. It is important that those couples doing a half circulate form a momentary two-faced line in the center (perhaps touching hands to ensure the two-faced line position) before starting their wheel and deal motion. Couples do not start wheel and deal motion from original starting position. They must circulate half to the momentary two-faced line.

TIMING: 6 steps.

I will teach this, from right hand two face lines. I will have them do a few Wheel & Deals first. Then I will tell them, that we are going to learn a new move. I will tell them the name of the move. I will tell them, that it will always start from two, two face lines. I will tell them that the dancers in the center may have right or left hands joined, so we will refer to in-facing and out-facing dancers. I will be sure they know what I mean by in/out facing dancers.

I will tell the dancers that are facing out, that they will do exactly what they do when they do a Wheel & Deal, from a two face line. I will then ask them to do their part. Then I will tell the in-facing dancers to step forward, making a two face line in the middle. When they have done that, I will ask the centers to do a Wheel & Deal. I will at this point, tell the dancers, that the part of the in-facers, is to be done as one smooth movement. I will tell them to take as much time as needed, doing it in segments, till they know how to do it properly.

I will be sure that everyone does the part of the in-facing, and out-facing dancers. I will be sure to have each of the dancers with different partners. I will use it with same sex couples, as well as sashayed couples.

After they are comfortable with this move, It will be fun to mix this move, with Wheel And Deal, (both two face lines, and lines). This will be fun as well as educational, if done sparingly. If the dancers hear Ferris Wheel, from left hand set ups, often enough, it won't feel "up hill" to them.