Submitted by Tom Fromm:
9. STAR PROMENADE: Starting formation -star, promenade. Directed dancers form a star and place the other arm around the waist of another directed dancer. Turn the star and promenade the distance specified.

STYLING: Men's inside hands joined the same as in a right or left hand star, outside arm around the lady's waist. Lady's inside arm around man's waist under his arm, outside hand works skirt.

TIMING: 4 couples full around, 12; three quarters, 9; one half, 6; one quarter, 3. 4 couples full around with back out at home, 16.

When I teach this move, I teach it right after Single File Promenade, and introduce it as "another type" of promenade. I have the boys star left, go 2 times. This gives me enough time to tell them, "boys, as you get to your partner the second time, keep the star and extend your right arm out. Then put your arm around your partner and promenade thatway. "I'll tell them to stop when they get back home, and I'll tell them the name. I always tell them to "pick up (?), with an arm around, Star Promenade." I've never called it (or danced it that I remember) just Star Promenade. At first, I will just have the boys star left. I'll have them pick up each girl at different times. I'll eventually have the boys star right, and the girls star each way. I will have them pick up different dancers. Doing it 2 times back to back, I can get them back to partner, or I will combine it with (girls or boys) circle to the partner and back out.

To get them ready for other moves (instead of just promenading to the boys home) following Star Promenade, I like to do the following:

Men star right - pick up the partner with an arm around, Star Promenade - now stretch out wide, and keep going - boys make an arch in the middle - girls go in front of the partner, and duck under that arch - there is your corner, do an Allemande Left. Or (This one doesn't really flow great, but is fun and breaks the same old thing.)

Girls star left - pick up your partner with an arm around, Star Promenade - stretch way out wide, and keep going - "when I say go, everyone drop hands, and the boys turn around - there is your corner, do an Allemande Left.

Judy Obee:
My source are the Caller Teacher manual, Gene Trimmer's Singing Thru Mainstream, and a frequent poster to this list, Kim Andreasen.

Men, LH star, roll it once. WHOA just as you approach your partner Keep your left hands touching put your right arm around your partner's waist. Ladies, put your left arm around his. Now, STAR PROMENADE. (Back out, join hands, circle, etc.)

4 ladies fwd&bk,4 men Rhstar, Back by the left,Take your partner, arm around, Star Prom, Go once around, back out at home.

Ladies RH star, Pick up your partner with your left arm, Star Prom, Back out, join hands, etc.

Ladies LH star,Pick up corner arm around, Star prom around the town,Back out, and make a big ring,All eight go fwd&bk, LA, prom.

Kim Andreasen singer:
AL - Dosado partner, 4 Boys Star Left, Pick up corner - Star promenade, Back out - Circle L/R, AL new corner - Dosado/swing new partner, Promenade

TEXAS STAR (traditional square) RH lady progression
Definition: "Ladies to the center and back to the bar": Ladies take 3 steps into center, turn L on 4, and return to their original spot.

Ladies to the center and back to the bar
Gents to the center for a Rhstar,
Back by the left but not too far,
Meet your girl and you pass her by,
Pick up the next and don't be shy,
Star prom and you keep this maid,
Gents back out and ladies move in,
And you form the Texas star again,
Gents move in and the ladies back out,
And you turn the Texas star about,
Break in the center, and everybody swing,
And you promenade eight, go around the ring.

(Corner progression - can be figure)
Heads make a RH star, Back by the left, pick up your corner,Star prom, back out and circle to the left (it's a he he she she circle - don't worry!) Swing the girl nearest you (corner), prom.

Trimmer Opener #15, modified:
4 Men make a LH star, roll it once & go (to your partner) Pick her up with an arm around, star promenade (1,2,3,4),Back right out at home. 4 boys fwd&back, girls clap your hands 4 girls promenade, inside the ring you go, Back to your partner, swing and promenade

Keith Ferguson writes:
I'd suggest, in the second line, saying "Right Hand Turn, go all the way around", which will put the boys in the middle for the Star Left. Also, and more importantly, if the boys are in a left hand star and pass their partner they will then be doing the Star Promenade with their right-hand lady, not their corner, and when the ladies duck under you'll then be dancing with your opposite. You could leave out the "pass your partner", but I'm afraid many dancers might have trouble recognising their corner coming around the star this way.

I'd suggest: Circle Left, Boys star right, Pick up your partner for a star promenade. Ladies run right, duck under the boy's right hand and Allemande Left. Before the ladies run right, you might suggest "spread the star out to arms length" which will make the rest of the move less crowded.

Maj Bodingh Writes:
Heads make a left hand star, Pick up your corner arm around, Star promenade, back out circle left, boy, boy, girl, girl, Swing the nearest boy (girl), promenade.