73. LINEAR CYCLE (from waves only) Starting formation - Parallel Ocean Waves or Four (4) Dancer Waves to be either right or left-handed. (For programs other than Plus, allowable formations include any formation in which the end and adjacent center can single or partner hinge. This is a three part call.)

Part 1. The ends and adjacent centers Hinge.
Part 2. Those facing out fold behind those facing in and all dancers will then move forward in a Double Pass Thru action.
Part 3. If the Hinge is right-handed, peel right; if the Hinge is left-handed, peel left to end as facing couples. From a right-hand hinge, all will pass right shoulders. From a left-hand hinge, all will pass left shoulders.

Teaching Methods

Some callers perfer to use only two couples at a time to teach this call. (Such as - Heads Pass the Ocean) Others perfer to teach the call to everyone in the square at the same time. In any case this call is only to be used from waves at the Plus level. It must be assumed that the dancers are familiar with Hinge, Fold, and Double Pass Thru. If not then the teacher must revisit these three Basic calls for additional teaching. The problem will come with the Peel Right (or Left).

Have the dancers, from a wave, Hinge. Tell those dancers that are facing out of the square to “fold behind the dancer beside them.” This is the Hinge and Fold part. Remind them that it is the dancer facing out that does the folding. Now they are facing two other dancers that can come toward them. Do a Double Pass Thru as they have been doing all along. The caller at this point should tell the dancers that if they were in a Right Hand Wave, they will pass Right Shoulders. If they were in a Left Hand Wave, as they will be soon (if the caller chooses to teach Left Waves), they will pass Left Shoulders.

Now comes the tricky part. Remember that the dancers have had little practice with Peel. At this program level, Peel can be related to “turning back”. Tell the dancers they are going to Peel (turn back) to the right/left. They will be facing the direction from which they came, BUT should end side by side. Also, tell them to make a small circle as they turn back, Peel. The caller should walk the dancers through the call no less than once more. The caller should make sure that dancers start the call from both the right and left sides of the Wave.

It will be caller’s decission if the teach is done with the girls on the end of the wave or same sex together in the wave or from Left Hand Waves. The teaching proceedure will be the same. Except in Left Hand Waves, the dancers must be reminded that they will pass Left Shoulders in the Double Pass Thru and they will Peel to the Left.

Tom Fromm writes:

A hint that may come in handy here, is that whichever hand is used in the hinge, is the same shoulders that will be passing, and the same direction that the peel will be toward. This might be easier, than remembering if the wave was left or right handed.

Routine Examples:

Heads Half- Sashay
Heads, do the Center part of Load the Boat (or Square Thru)
Step to a Wave
Slide Thru
Pass the Ocean
In your foursome, LINEAR CYCLE

Four Ladies Chain
Heads Dixie Style to a Wave
LINEAR CYCLE ( it’s a lefty)
Pass thru
Bend the Line
Slide thru
Pass Thru
Trade By
Swing Thru
LINEAR CYCLE (girls on end of wave)
Slide Thru

Heads Pass the Ocean
Ping Pong Circulate
Acey Deucey
Linear Cycle
Load the Boat
Swing Thru
Turn Thru