Tom From writes:
33. SHOOT THE STAR -regular, full around: Starting formation -thar or wrong way thar. The handholds forming the center star are released as each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer arm turn one half (180) or full (360) as directed. If half or full is not directed, the arm turn is one half.

STYLING: The forearm position is used for shooting the star. Outside hands free and in natural dance position. Lady will continue to hold skirt until hand is needed for next command.

TIMING: Regular, 4 steps; full around, 8.

As I had said before, I will not teach this the same week as I do Thars. I don't want to form a pattern. Once they are comfortable with thars, we go on to this move.

I first shoot the star 180*. I will chain the ladies, till I can have them Shoot The Star into a R&L Grand. I will get them into a Thar, and tell them to stop moving the star. I will tell them that we are going to learn a new move. I will tell them the name & definition, (for turning 180*). I will point out that 180*, is the same as a trade. We will walk through a few times, just Shooting The Star, (trading) and putting the girls in the middle, then the boys. Then I will set them up to Shoot The Star and do a R&L Grand a couple times.

After we seem to have that understood, I will tell them that they need to listen to my "commands", because I will do other things besides R&L Grand following this. This is where I will work in Shoot The Star, "Go Forward Two" make a brand new Thar. The first time or two, we will walk through. I will also use "go forward three", to make sure we are all listening, and understanding.

I won't use "Full Turn", till a few weeks down the pike. I will start the full turn, from a position (with partner) where I can have them Shoot The Star a full turn, turn the corner by the right, partner left and the boy turn in for another Thar. Later, after we have taught Box The Gnat, I will have them Shoot The Star a full turn, (from the proper position of course) Box The Gnat, and a R&L Grand.

Later, after we are comfortable with Shoot The Star, (and Slip The Clutch) We will take a lesson and just "play" with both moves. This is where I will get the checkers out before the lesson and take notes. It will be a workshop of sorts. I will have two couples trade, (while in the thar) to give them a feel that it isn't always same sex forming the star. I don't want to over do this type, but make a game out of it. I will also introduce "pass by one, (or more) and do something else. I will use WW Thars at this point also. I will need to show the new dancers this concept, but they will grasp it quickly.

I make a point to wait several weeks before I "turn" a Do Paso into a Thar. When I do this, I make it sound like I just had the idea pop into my head. I use it that way, but don't over use it. The one important thing I would want to say here is: "It is easy to call shoot the star, back to back, but the dancers will get dizzy quick." Please don't over do, when teaching this move.