Tom Fromm writes:
58. CENTERS IN: Starting formation -whenever there is a couple with their backs to the center of the set facing or standing behind another couple (e.g. eight chain thru, completed double pass thru). The outside dancers step apart as the centers step forward and between them to form a line.

STYLING: The active couple should use couple handhold and, if stepping in between couples facing the same direction, join hands in a line of four. If the active couple steps in between a couple facing in the opposite direction, use hands-up position with the end dancers.

TIMING: 2 steps.

Horst,Bill wrote:
I first teach them centers in without the all-too-standard follow up call of cast off 3/4. Instead I use "centers partner trade and then the ends run." (Normal lines) How would "Centers In, Wheel and Deal" work? Say, "Centers In, see your lines?, Wheel & Deal" -- could the dancers dance it? If you wanted to do Centers In, Partner Trade with those doing the Partner Trade being BOTH the RESULTING couples after the Centers In,(instead of just the two center people also doing the Partner Trade) what helper words could you use to make it happen? ...yeh, let's do SOMETHING other than Centers In, Cast Off 3/4.

Kieth M. Ferguson writes:
In the sequence: Centers In, Wheel & Deal I would be a little concerned about the body flow. Seems to me the center is going to have to come to a rather abrupt halt while the end dancer must step sideways and then quickly begin a forward motion. For the left hand dancers this may not be too bad (because for the Wheel & Deal they'll need to step forward anyway), but I'm concerned about the right hand dancers. Your "See your lines" is a help, but you might consider something like "All go forward and back" to break the flow even more. I still think I'd be rather careful using this.

Another possibility: Centers In, Centers Run, New Centers Partner Trade. I use this although I admit the flow for the leaders is a little awkward: Step apart for the centers in, then step back together for the centers run. I was fortunate to be "mentored" by an excellent lady caller who always emphasized that we should be sure to think about the body flow from both the man's and the woman's point of view. A couple of examples of bad flow (for the lady, assuming normal arrangements) that are nevertheless called frequently:
-- Star Thru, Veer Left
-- From a Starting Double Pass Thru formation: Centers Pass Thru, All Veer Left.
Both of these seem fine from the man's point of view, but try dancing them from the other side.

Bill Horst writes:
Centers in is always hard to teach because the first people to move are the non-centers! When I teach this call I show it both from completed double pass thru as well as from 8-chain thru formations. I first teach them centers in without the all-too-standard follow up call of cast off 3/4. Instead I use "centers partner trade and then the ends run." (Normal lines)

Judith Obee writes:
Here is my cheat sheet for teaching Centers In. Notice that there are singing call figures for it, courtesy of my favorite resource, Gene Trimmer's Singing Thru Mainstream. My other source is, of course, the CallerTeach manual.

Form: Box or CDPT (Ctrs with backs to ctr of set) Outside dancers step apart as the ctr dancers step fwd and between them If you hear `Ctrs In', and if there is no one in front of you, Spread Apart!!!
Editors Note: In notation below -> indicates "thru" so *-> is star thru.

(ZL) P->, W&D, DPT, Ctrs In
All U Trn, *->, Ctrs In
All U Trn, *->, First L, Next R (ZL)
*->, square thru 3, LA

(ZL) P->, W&D, DPT, Ctrs In
All U Trn, P->, W&D, DPT, Ctrs In
All U Trn, P->, W&D, DPT, Ctrs In
All U Trn (ZL) (ZB) Ctrs In, Ends Run, Calif Tw, RL->, P->, Fc Prt, LA

(ZB) Ctrs In (and stop!), Ends Run (between ctrs)
All U Trn back, Turn-> across from you to corn, LA

(ZB) Ctrs In, Ctrs Run, Bend, Trn-> to LA

***Trimer Figure #181:
H/S *->, Calif Tw (ZB)
Ctrs In, Ctrs XRun (hhss line)
*->, Z, P-> (can call RL-> here to get into ZB)
Spin Top, Spin Top - ends move up to your corner
Swing, Prom

Trimmer figure #180:
H Tch 1/4, B Run
Ctr In, Ctr Run
Tch 1/4, B Run, Ctr In
Ctr Run, Box Gnat, P->
Prt Tr and face Prt Swing this girl, prom

Trimmer figure #182:
H *->, DPT
Ctr In, All UTurn, P->
W&D, Boys Sw->
Ctr Boys Tr, Boys Step Thru
Swing->, Ctr Tr Swing crn, prom

Trimmer figure #183:
H Prom 1/2
square thru 4
Ctr Out, Ends Tr
*->, Zoom, Zoom, square thru 3 Swing crn, Prom

Trimmer figure #184:
H *->, DPT
Ctr Out, Bend
*->, Zoom, DPT,
Leaders Prt Tr, square thru 3 Swing crn, prom