Tom Fromm writes:
39. EXTEND: Starting formation -1/4 tag formation only .Dancers in the wave release hands and step forward to the couple they are facing and join hands in a right hand wave. If the wave is left handed, dancers extend to a left hand wave. Note: Centers in the wave remain centers in the new waves and ends in the wave end as ends in the new waves.

STYLING: All dancers move forward smoothly during the extending action and use appropriate handholds and styling for the formation achieved.

TIMING: -2 steps.

When I teach this move, I of coarse start in 1/4 tag position. I tell them that we are going to learn a new move, and that it starts from the position we are in. I remind them that this is a 1/4 tag position, and that this is the only place we will use this call from at this program level.

Now I will tell them, that in order to help them see better, what it is we are going to do, I want the dancers in the wave to take a real little step forward. I want them to stay separated, and not scoot together as partners. I want them to almost still be touching shoulders with the dancers they were in the wave with. I then tell them that they are going to make a new wave with the dancers they are looking at. I'll tell them to step to that wave, and that it will be a right hand wave.

I will quickly get them back home, and put the other couples in the wave. I'll do the same routine with them. I will also make them aware that we are forming two ocean waves, and that we will always start from that 1/4 tag position, at this level. I will get them home again, and tell them the name of the call.

I will once again get them in a 1/4 tag, and tell them that we are going to do the move in a minute. I will say that I want to give them a "tip" about doing this move. I will tell them, that if they are centers in the wave in the middle, they will also be centers in the new wave they get into. I also tell the ends, that they will be ends of the new wave. I will do the same with the other two couples.

I will wait a week or two, before I show them the left handed version. To get them in a left hand wave in the center, I will simply have them U - Turn Back from right hand waves. As I show them from a lefty, I will once again tell them, that if they centers when they start, they will be centers at the finish. I will tell them, that we are in a left hand wave, so when we get into waves, they also will be left handed.

Jim Penrod writes:
It is my understanding as well as my way of teaching that in the call EXTEND ALL dancers move forward. This would mean those in the wave and those that are on the outside. Perhaps this is what was explained, but it didn't come clear to me as I read it.

Dan Koft writes:
Pretty much the way I teach it. My wording to them is People in the wave want to end up in the same position they started with when they make a new wave. Outsides don't care what part of the wave they end up in so long as they end in a wave.

This means that if you are in the center of the wave; you let go of your wave, step forward, and step between the other dancers. If you are on the end of the wave; you let go of your wave, step forward, and step to the outside of the other dancers.

Then when I extend from a left 1/4 tag (at least 1 time the first week) there is next to no fumbling.