91. CROSSFIRE Starting formation - Two faced lines, Parallel lines of four. As the centers begin to Trade, the ends Cross Fold. Upon completing their Trade, the centers release hands and step straight forward forming an ocean wave or mini-wave with the dancers they are facing. If the Trade leaves the original centers facing no one, they step forward and remain facing out.

The common formation in many areas is the Two Faced Lines, but it can be called legally from facing lines or back to back lines. It is a four dancer action. When called from Two Faced Line, the ending formation is a Column. When called from Back to Back Lines, the ending formation is a 1/4 Tag. When teaching from a Tidal Two Faced line, the ending will be parallel Waves.When used from Facing Lines, the ending formation is a Completed Double Pass Thru. It can be called from either a 1/4 Tag or 3/4 Tag for the Center four dancers. In which case the ending formation will be two Mini Waves between couples facing in or out respectively.

1. It is suggested that this call be first taught from Two Faced Lines or using the Head couples or Side couples from a squared set.

Before teaching this call, it is suggested that the caller use some Cross Fold routines, especially using the Ends. When ready to teach Crossfire, place the dancers in the desired formation. Explain to the dancers that they should not move until the directions are given because all four dancers need to move at the same time. Make sure that the inside dancers have inside hands joined. Explain to them that they will do a normal Trade, but then they must take a step forward to join inside hands with another dancer. Explain to the End dancer that as soon as the Center dancer starts to move, step behind that dancer and complete the Cross Fold. Many times the Trading dancer will forget to take the step forward after trading. The caller should watch to make sure they understand.

2. When teaching this call from Back to Back Lines, the caller should teach it first with two boys on the Left end of the line and two girls on the Right end. The reason is so the center dancers will have the normal partner relations for a Partner Trade. Usually the End dancers will execute the Cross Fold without much difficutlty if they have had enough previous practice. NOW, the caller must make sure that the Center dancers step far enough ahead to form an Ocean Wave with the dancers that are also coming into the center.

3. Crossfire can also be called from a Tidal Two Faced Line. The ending formation will be parallel waves. The teaching procedure will be the same as any other Two Faced Line.

4. If the caller chooses to teach this call from Facing Lines, he/she should be aware that there will be an awful crowd in the center of the square. Unless the dancers are VERY familiar with square breathing, it is suggested that it not be taught in this formation. But it is, then the caller should explain that the ending formation will leave them in a Completed Double Pass Thru. The Trading couple must take enough steps forward to permit the ends to do their Cross fold in the center.

Teaching Routines:

Heads Promenade 1/2
Heads Lead right
Veer Left
Single file circulate
Boys Run
Swing (0r L.A. for patter)

Heads Touch 1/4
Heads Walk and Dodge
Pass the Ocean
Grand Swing Thru
Boys Run
Crossfire (Tidal 2 Faced Line)
Split circulate
Boys Run
Slide Thru
Right & Left Thru
Swing & Promenade
Heads Square Thru
Right & Left Thru
Veer Left
Boys run
Touch 1/4
Follow Your Nieghbor
& Spread
Boys circulate

Heads Pass the Ocean
Ping Pong Circulate
Swing Thru
Spin the Top
Girls Run (Tidal 2 Faced Line)
Crossfire (Boys Trading)
Scoot Back
Walk & Dodge
Chase right
Boys Run
Pass Thru
Wheel & Deal
Pass Thru
Heads Star Thru & Spread
Pass Thru
Crossfire (Back To Back Lines)
Ping Pong circulate
Centers Swing Thru
Center Boys Trade
Center Boys Run
Bend the Line
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