Tom Fromm writes:
18. LEAD RIGHT: Starting formation -couple. Directed couple(s) take a step forward, and as a unit turn to the right 90 and move forward.

STYLING: Normal couple handhold between the man and lady, outside hands in normal dance position.

TIMING: 4 steps

When I teach this move, I simply start from a SS. I will tell the heads to look at the couple to their right. I will then say, "don't let go of your partners hand, go over and stand in front of them. I will then tell them that what we just done is a move, and the name is Lead Right. I will then give the sides equal time. I will use this a little bit, then introduce "lead left". While I'm not sure if this is legal, I have danced it a bunch, and the dancers have no problem with it.

As exercises I use the following: Head ladies chain, sides circle 1/2 way and back out, heads lead right, LA. OR I will have the head (or side) ladies chain across, heads lead left, LA. I will show them Lead Right, (left) from lines facing in. Although it can get a little crowded, I can find out if they understand the move, and show them about "square breathing", while adding variety.

Mike Gormley writes:
I believe this teach method could be misleading your dancers into thinking they will always be facing another couple after a lead right. I don't think this has to be true. Consider this: From a squared set, all four couples lead right (your facing out), california twirl (you have stirred your bucket).

Notice in this sequence they did not end up standing in front of anybody before the california twirl. I suggest it should be taught more in tune with the definition.

Can you expand on this "lines of four facing in" more? Who will lead right? What will the ending formation be?

From your method of teaching the dancers to look to their right and go over and stand in front of them, does this mean, for instance, that the Heads will in effect do a "couple fold" or does it mean.................(please tell me what you are thinking). (What if the designated couple is on the right side of the line and you call lead right to them?)

It seams to me you might need to rethink this one a little more. I know it is making me rethink it as I type this. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Judy Obee writes:
The comments about the variety that can happen with Lead Right are valid. A while back, Lead Right was the Emphasis Call. I worked a lot with the dancers to get them to be able to do:

(SS) Heads Lead Right, Everybody Lead Right (Back to Back Lines).
(Lines) Everybody Lead Right (Trade By Position)

I found it a real challenge to have the dancers remember from week to week what was supposed to happen. So, eventually, I conceded defeat on the topic. And, now, I'm back in my little "Lead Right" rut!!! And so are they! I guess I better revive the topic some day.

Singing Routines
HEADS promenade halfway,
lead right,
touch 1/4,
fan the top,
face right,
pass thru,
wheel and deal,
GIRLS wheel around,
touch 1/4,
boys trade,
pass thru,
allemand left,
promenade (3/4 promenade)

HEADS lead right,
{ step to a wave }
all eight circulate,
swing thru,
split circulate,
centers trade,
split circulate,
girls trade,
pass thru,
allemande left,

Hd/Sd lead right,
veer left,
ladies trade,
Boys run,
All 8 circulate,
Boys run,
ferris wheel,
Centers pass through,
R&L through,
Square through 3,