Tom Fromm writes:
48. SWEEP A QUARTER: Starting formation -facing couples in a circling movement (right or left). Dancers continue the circling movement one quarter (90) in the direction of their body flow.

STYLING: All dancers use couple handholds. Couples working together should smoothly disengage previous handhold and blend into the sweeping basic.

TIMING: 2 couples, 2 steps; all 4 couples, 4 steps.

I will teach this after I have them comfortable with the flutterwheel family. I want to be sure, that they know where the flutterwheel ends. I have heard some callers call Sweep A Quarter, after a movement that ends in a courtesy turn. I don't feel that this fits the definition, without really bending it. Also, I don't think this can be called with a good amount of success on the part of the dancer. As a dancer moves to the higher levels, they may be able to see what the caller wants.

I will teach this following a Flutterwheel. Before I call the Flutterwheel, I will stop the music, tell them the name of the move, and the definition. I will ask them to feel the way their body feels to be moving, when I call something. I will then call R&L Thru, Flutterwheel, then Reverse Flutterwheel. I will ask if they felt the circling motion they had with each type of Flutterwheel.

Now I will tell them, that I want them to continue moving an extra 1/4 when they do the Flutterwheel. I will do this a couple times, then use it from a Reverse Flutterwheel.

I will also have them Sweep 2 Quarters, and 3 Quarters. I do this, to be sure that they understand the idea of Sweep. I will be sure to call Flutterwheels, without the Sweep A Quarter, so we do forget where they are supposed to end.