Tom D Fromm writes:
21. STAR THRU: Starting formation -facing dancers (man and lady). Man's right hand is placed against the lady's left, palm to palm with fingers up, to make an arch. As the dancers move forward the lady does a one quarter (90) left face turn under the arch, while the man does a one quarter (90) turn to the right moving behind the lady. They end up side by side with the lady on the man's right.

STYLING: Hands are joined in the arch, palm to palm, fingers pointed up. Hand grip should be readjusted to couple handhold after the basic is completed. Join hands in raised position approximately eye level. It is important that hands not be joined before that point. Man's hand should be used to stabilize as the lady provides her own momentum. It is equally important that the man's arm remain well above the lady's head.

TIMING: 4 steps from point of contact.

When teaching Star Thru, I'll get them in boxes (8 chain thru), and tell them we are going to learn a new move. I will tell them, that they will always do this move with the person they are looking at. Also, they will always be doing this move with a dancer of the opposite sex. I'll tell them that when we finish this move, the dancer that they do the move with, will become their partner.

I will have the boys wave at the girl they are looking at with a right hand. I will tell the girls to wave back with their left hand. Now I will tell them to touch the hands they are waving with, palm to palm. Now I will tell them to make an arch with their touching hands. I'll tell them to NOT HOLD TIGHT, so their hands can slide across each others.
Then I will tell them to walk forward and the girl walk under that arch, as you pass each other, turn 1/4 to face the direction of the hand you are using. Then I will say you will be standing side by side, take a couple type hand hold. I'll tell them, this is where the move ends.

I will walk them through the move a few times immediately. Then I will call it to them a few times only saying "boys right, girls left". I will use this move several times, making sure to have them with different dancers, and in several starting positions, including a SS. I will tell them that when they are far apart, like in a SS, they automatically step forward first.

Keith M. Ferguson writes:
When teaching Star Thru, I point out that the women have the harder part because they must use their left hands. I then tell the men that I'll hold them responsible for making sure the women use the correct hand. Using my wife to demonstrate, after showing several correct Star Thrus, I then, over the microphone, instruct my wife to deliberately try to use the wrong hand and I will show how it is the man's responsibility to not let this happen -- as she attempts to use the wrong hand, I reach way to my right (her left) with my right hand, refusing to take her incorrect hand -- by "hamming" this up a little we get a laugh from the students, especially as it looks like I'm going to lead her right off the front of the stage!