Tom Fromm writes:
38. PASS THE OCEAN: Starting formation -facing couples only. Dancers pass thru, turn in to face their partners and step into a right hand ocean wave.

STYLING: Couples who pass thru and face partner use styling similar to that described in pass thru.

TIMING: 4 steps.

I will teach this from facing lines, everyone with their original partner. I will have the two couples in each line step apart from each other. I will tell them that we are looking at a new move, and they are only concerned with the couple they are facing. I will give them the name and definition.

Now I will tell them to look at their partner, and don't forget who it is. Now I will have them all pass thru. Now I will tell them to turn and face their partner. Then I tell them to step to a right hand ocean wave.

I will call this several times, mixing them as partners, and "cueing" it the first few times. Then I will start calling it from a SS. Before I have them thinking that they will always be "normal" couples, I will get them in lines, and have them pass thru. Now I'll have them turn back, and caution them that this might feel funny at first. I will tell them about centers and ends again.

Now I will tell them to Look at their partner real good. I'll walk them through once, then call it a few times 1/2 sashayed. It will probably be necessary to cue it a few times. It is hard to know when to stop with the cuing, but is a very bad habit to get them into.

I will wait a couple weeks, before I show them same sex couples. As this may be considered EA, I teach and use it. It ads a lot of variety, and keeps them in tune with the move. Something I done to get them to pay attention to who their partner was, is to have just the center two in the line do a 1/2 sashay. Then ask who is the partner, pause and tell them to pass the ocean. I don't do this to "trick" them, but rather keep them on their toes.

Doug Holmes writes:
I use a bit of a gimmick from time to time. After teaching the dancers the definition, and walking through in a manner similar to the way you described, I get into a kind of repetitive chant ....

for several times, after calling the move, I cue
Pass thru, face, make a wave
Pass thru, face, make a wave
Pass thru, face, make a wave
Pass thru, face, make a wave
Pass thru, face, make a wave
Then just when they could all repeat it in their sleep,
Pass thru, Wave, MAKE A FACE!!

Sometimes it takes a second or two for it to sink in, but it nearly always draws a good chuckle at the least. I think it is worth the effort, since they can dance the figure from pretty well any starting arrangement.