Tom Fromm wrote:
42. ZOOM: Starting formation -starting and completed double pass thru, two-faced lines, single file promenade, columns, box circulate and promenade. From one couple following another, each dancer in the lead couple separates away from his partner and walks around a full circle (360) to end in the position of the dancer who was directly behind him. Meanwhile, each trailing dancer steps directly forward into the vacated position of the lead dancer. Every dancer ends facing in the same direction he started. From a setup where one dancer is following another, the lead dancer walks away from the center of the square and around in a full circle (360) to the position of the dancer who was directly behind him. Meanwhile, the trailing dancer steps directly forward into the position vacated by the lead dancer.

STYLING: Lead dancers hold arms in natural dance position. Ladies skirt work optional. Trailing dancers use couple handhold. In zoom it is important that lead dancers initiate the roll out movement with a slight forward motion to allow sufficient room for trailing dancers to step through comfortably.

TIMING: 4 steps.

I will first teach this move from a completed DPT position. I use this set-up, to help the dancers see just who they will be working with. If I have dancers facing in the middle, they might want to do something together. I will tell them the name of the move, as well as the definition.

I'll tell them, that depending on where you are standing when we start, will determine which of two parts you will do. I will say that the leaders, are those that are looking out of the set, and not looking at the back of someone else. I will ask the leaders to turn to look where the person behind them is standing, then turn back where they were. I will tell them, that when I call ZOOM, I want those leaders to turn away from the center, and walk in a wide circle, to end in the spot where that person behind them is standing now.

I will tell the dancers that are looking at the backs of someone else is a trailing dancer. I will tell them to notice where the person ahead of them is standing. I'll tell them. that when I call ZOOM, I want them to walk forward, and stand in the spot where the dancer in front of them is standing now.

I will tell them, that everyone will end facing the same direction as they started. I will tell them that everyone is going to be moving at the same time, so remember where that spot is that you will be going to. I will tell them, that if they are leaders when starting, they will end as trailers, and the reverse for the trailers.

I will walk them through a few times. I will take them to a DPT, and walk them through a couple times also.I will tell them that if they are looking at someone's back, they are trailers. If they are not looking at someone's back, they are leaders. I will make sure that I have each dancer in each position. I will use only DPT and completed DPT the first night.

After they get comfortable with this, I will introduce two face lines and waves. Although waves aren't listed as a starting position, I feel it is covered under box circulate. Because I feel it is too crowded in the center, I only have the ends zoom. I will teach it with the centers working also, but don't call it that way.

The following week, I will introduce columns. I will point out that we are going to split the column into two halves. I will teach this starting position, early in the evening. Once I am sure they understand how this works, I will tell them that I might at some time, ask for only the four center dancers to Zoom. I will show them what I am talking about, and will make sure everyone gets a turn in the center. I will also make sure to start with same sexes in the middle of the column.

I don't want to confuse the dancers with all the different positions, so I may wait a couple weeks before working on promenade and single file promenade. I will tell them, that when we are promenading, I will need to designate who will be the leaders.

I will first use couples promenade, and have the head/side girls be the leaders, and only the girls Zoom. I will then do the same with the boys. Next, I will make sure that I don't have original heads and sides mixed. I will designate for the heads/sides to be leaders, and Zoom.

Later in the same lesson, I will start from single file promenade. Again, I will need to designate who will be considered leaders. If I want to have the heads/sides to be the leaders, I need to have two of the couples sashayed, and paired one side & one head. (ie: four ladies chain 3/4, heads 1/2 sashay) before I start the single file promenade, or have just the head/side boys/girls be the leaders first, before calling heads/sides.

NOTE: It seems that zoom from promenade positions, are difficult for the dancers. It may be a good idea, to give the dancers a bit more time, by asking "who are the (sides/heads, boys/girls, or whomever you are going to designate) before saying who will be designated. A little of this can be fun for the dancers, but too much could become a little much for them.