Tom Fromm wrote:
47. TOUCH 1/4: Starting formation -facing dancers. Dancers touch and without stopping turn one quarter (90) by the right.

STYLING: Use normal hands-up, palm-to-palm position, with hands about shoulder level.

TIMING: 2 steps.

When I teach this move, I will start from a SS. I will have them square thru four, stop, and tell them to wave at the person they are looking at with a right hand. Now I will tell them to step up beside one another, touching right hands. Now I will tell them to look at the wall to their right. I will say "walking forward, right HAND turn 1/4 to face that wall".

After we do that, I will say that we are going to learn a new call. I will tell them that we are going to learn the same thing we just done, but I don't have time to say all of the steps. Now I will read them the definition, then dance them around till I get them back home.

Back to a SS, I will again tell them the definition. I will tell just the heads to touch 1/4, as I cue "right hand, right hand, touch and turn 1/4. I can have the boys run, all do an allemande left..... I will do the same with the sides. I will "cue" it to them the first few times.

I will then show them the move from different positions. I will show it from eight chain thru, and facing lines. I want to be sure that the dancers are in different positions to start. I want to make sure that they understand Touch 1/4 is always RIGHT HAND.

The next week, or so, I will work with LEFT Touch 1/4. I will also use this same lesson, to teach a lot of the left handed stuff. We are going to play a game with left handed stuff, the whole night. By this time, I have danced them through enough different moves, that they are "programmed" to listen. When I spring on them, that we can do a lot of the moves that we have learned, as left hand moves, they are well prepared, and (anxious) willing to learn.