68. RECYCLE: Starting formation -ocean wave only. The ends of the wave cross fold as the centers of the wave fold in behind the ends and follow them around, then face in to end as two facing couples.

STYLING: All dancers, arms in natural dance position, hands ready to adjust for next call as quickly as possible.

TIMING: 4 steps.

Dan Koft writes:
When I teach Recycle they would already have had fold and cross fold.

I demonstrate with angels how Recycle looks

I set up RH waves and tell them this is one of the places Recycle starts from. I tell them to look at and remember who they are holding right hands with and where they are. Then have the ends Cross Fold. Centers then take a 1/2 (small) step backward. Then have them note who they are now coupled with and where they ended up. Tell them this is where Recycle ends

I then have them step to a wave and the Ends Trade to get back to the original wave. I then have the Centers Fold. I tell the original Ends to Cross Fold like they did before (don't worry someone WILL be there to face when we are done) I tell the original centers to do another Fold to end up ALMOST back where they started.

Get them back to the original wave. Tell them to Recycle (Centers fold, Ends Cross Fold, Centers Fold again)

Change the wave and show it again quickly

Ask the ends of a wave what they do on a Recycle, Ask the Centers the same Tell them to Recycle

Al Stevens writes:
I called the late Jack Lasry when the call recycle became part of our programs and offered the following teaching hint. The dancers know the mechanics of "zoom" by the time they reach "recycle". I asked Jack if there was any thing wrong with teaching the centers to do the "leaders part of a zoom", this is a call they can relate to from most (legal) starting formations and has become very instrumental in assisting me in teaching the call recycle with a minimum of effort.

Jack published my thoughts in his callers notes shortly thereafter as a teaching hint and gave me credit for it as well. Consider this approach the next time you teach recycle, it really helps.

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