54. CLOVERLEAF Starting formation: Completed Double Pass Thru, or a single couple on the outside of the square, facing out. The lead dancers separate from each other and move in a three quarter (270) circle (e.g. think of a leaf of a four leaf clover, just trace the outer edge of a leaf). When each lead dancer meets another lead dancer, they become partners and step forward to the center of the square. Each trailing dancer follows, the foot steps of the dancer in front of him and ends directly behind that same dancer. A single couple facing out does the lead dancers part, but they may not step all the way into the center of the square.

STYLING:Arms are held in natural dance position, skirt work optional. It is important to move slightly forward before turning away. when lead dancers meet and become partners, use couple handhold. trailing dancers should follow footsteps of the lead dancers and not cut the corners. When trailing dancers become partners, use couple handhold.

TIMING: 6-8 beats from a compleded double pass thru. IF CLOVERLEAF is called for only four people, the timing is 6 beats.

Wally Smulson writes:
For cloverleaf, I tell them that they are cars on a highway. When they exit the highway using the cloverleaf, they come around onto a new street that is perpendicular to the street that they left. They will join with a "car" that exited from the other side.

I remind them that the lanes are narrow and therefore a trailing car cannot pass up the lead car. I also warn them to stay on their side of the street and not to cross the median.

Dan Koft writes:
I tell them to imagine a highway cloverleaf interchange. Then I tell them to imagine the are riding 2 on a motorcycle with a driver and a passenger. Then I ask them to imagine what would happen if, on the curve of the cloverleaf, the passenger tried to climb in front of or beside the driver. They usually respond with laughs and that they would crash. Then I tell them that the same applies to doing the dance figure cloverleaf. I think I'll add in the bit about crossing the median.

Bill Horst writes:
Here's my teaching gimmicks on cloverleaf. I teach it from completed DPT and have the trailing dancer put hands on the shoulder of the lead dancer That way if there is a mistake you can blame it on him/her. (chuckles from floor) I tell them to think of a freeway interchange cloverleaf specifically from the Ventura Freeway westbound to the San Diego freeway southbound, emphasizing that there is a 270 degree change of direction. I tell them that there is only one lane on this interchange so that the trailing person has no way to get past the leader. With all this imagery, one group started to make car noises whenever I would call it, gunning their engines as they went around the curve.

Bob Bourassa writes:
When I teach Cloverleaf: From a Static Square I Chain the Side Ladies, Heads Star Thru, Double Pass Thru, at this point I tell them the story of the cars on your track and not to pass and if the leaders do it right how can the trailers make a mistake if they just follow the leaders. Before we start I tell the leaders to look over their shoulder at the leaders at the other end (which will be Original Partner) that is the person they will meet to come into the center. The trailers Back up ever so slightly and Bump-si-Daisy and that is the person you will meet when you come together. I feel the original Partner is an easy way to make them feel a little more secure at this point. Once they get the flow mix them up to meet others.

Sure I just thought that the post was to present our way of teaching. you want a Cloverleaf without a Double Pass Thru and stay in the first 49.

Static Square:
1. Hds/Sds Star Thru, All Partner Trade or Calif/Twril, Cloverleaf
2. Sides Rollaway, Hds Lead Right or Left(or any Equivalent of a Square Thru) & Split 2 Around 1, Make a Line, Star Thru & Cloverleaf
3. Hds Star Thru, Pass Thru, Sds Wheel Around. Cloverleaf
4. Hds Lead Right or Left, Pass Thru. Centers do any Equivalent of a Pass Thru or a Square Thru 3/4, (to many to list) & Cloverleaf

Dick Gaskill writes:
Here's a simple module with cloverleaf and without a dbl pass->
h/s pass thru cloverleaf
s/h star thru pass thru cloverleaf
ctrs pass thru while leaders p/t
R&L thru veer left
cpl circ
ctr trade, end circ (acey deucey)
R&L thru (zero lines)
slide thru, sq thru 3

Bruce Roe writes:
Instead of preceding Cloverleaf with Double Pass Thru, how about:
Partner trade, Cloverleaf
Wheel around, Cloverleaf
Centers Pass thru,
Swing Thru,
Extend the Tag,
(Centers) Swing Thru,
Extend the Tag,

Dan Koft writes:
Places I use Cloverleaf, As I do not have a list handy some calls are probably 51 and upin Mainstream
From Static Square
Heads Pass Thru,
Heads Cloverleaf
Heads Pass Thru,
step ahead,
Sides Square Thru 2,
all Cloverleaf

From Facing Lines
Tag the line,
Cloverleaf *Must be BBGG lines for a "normal" Cloverleaf
Star Thru, Cloverleaf *Must be GGBB lines for all to cloverleaf
Star Thru, Ends Cloverleaf *GGBB or GBGB lines
Ends Star Thru,
Centers Pass Thru, *GGBB or GBGB lines,
All Cloverleaf * will pass dancers going other way

From Trade By
Outsides Cloverleaf
Centers Square Thru 2,
All Cloverleaf

From waves
Boys Fold, All Cloverleaf *Girls are outfacing in wave
Those facing In Fold, Cloverleaf *Can set up a "normal" cloverleaf

Lawrence O. Johnstone writes:
I do something similar, Bill, with the wording a bit different. I explain to the trailers that they are trailers -- so act like a "trailer" and stay behind the "semi" in front of you. Most of the time you don't see the trailer rolling along beside the semi out on the freeway -- or, if you do, you've got BIG trouble!
I usually get some chuckles out of this, too -- and the trailers seldom jackknife. :)

Jim Penrod writes:
Am I in deep trouble suggesting that from a static square,
Everyone Calif. Twirl,
Everyone Cloverleaf.....?
Yes, I would want to do some preliminary setup so I could designate a get out.

Allen E Kerr writes:
Here is a quickie from down-under! for when your walking through or teaching
Back_Away Home

Bill Horst writes:
How about 4 ladies chain
Cal twirl
All cloverleaf
Bow to partner, you've stirred the bucket.

Del Powell writes:
I think I would prefer:
4 Girls Chain
Everyone Wheel Around
(All Start) Cloverleaf
Look for your Partner
Bow to your Partner
You've Stirred the Bucket!

The change of handhold from a Courtesy Turn to a California Twirl seems awkward to me, so I would opt for a Wheel Around (or Courtesy Turn with a Full Turn). Also, Cloverleaf would have the leads end up in the center of the square (wedged together), and facing the center of the square. Again, I would opt for something that has the dancers beginning a Cloverleaf, but has them remaining away for the center, and facing their partner.

Judy Obee writes:
The following is from a workshop that I presented on Cloverleaf to our local Callers Association. I wanted to show some of the more interesting cloverleaf choreo.

My sources are the CallerText manual, Hoadley, Berquam, and others. (I "borrow" voraciously!!)

H *->, Sq-> 3
Left Sw->, Ladies Run, Ferris,
Ctr Sq-> 2 and Cloverleaf
Other two Sq-> 3,
Left Sw-> twice, LA

These are some moves the require the trailing people to not quite complete the Cloverleaf:
H Sq-> 4, S Utrn, Everybody Cloverleaf,
When you see your partner - RLG

H L ch, H Lead R, Circ to Line,
P->, Tag-Left, Ferris, DPT, Cloverleaf, RLG

(ZL) L Ch
4 ladies rollaway, F&B,
P->, Tag-Right, Ferris, DPT, Cloverleaf, LA

H RL->, Rollaway
S RL->, Rollaway,
S P->, Cloverleaf
H P->, All P->, RLG

Figure: (called Square-Leaf Clover - Hoadley F056)
Sides F&B
Heads Sq-> 3 & Cloverleaf
Sides Sq-> 4 & Cloverleaf; ctr P->
All Sq-> 4
(Roll) Promenade corner

(Berquam) H P->, Cloverleaf
S P->, Tch 1/4, G Fold, DPT, Cloverleaf, Zoom
G Tch 1/4 and WkDg,
B Sq-> 3 and Cloverleaf
Tch 1/4, B Run, Bend, *->, Sq-> 3, LA

H Rollaway & Turn-> & Cloverleaf
DPT, Leaders Cloverleaf, Ctrs Prt Tr & Sq-> 4,
P->, TrBy, LA

H P->, Sep, Ar 1 to lines
P->, W&D, DPT, Cloverleaf
G Sq-> 3, P->, G Cloverleaf
B Tch 1/4, B WkDg, P->, B Cloverleaf
G P-> & Cloverleaf
B P->, Make a wv, B Run
POcean, 8Circ, Sw->, B Tr, Turn->, LA

(ZL) P->, Tag, Cloverleaf
DPT, Ctr In, CO 3/4, Slide->, LA

H P->, Sep, Ar 1 to lines
P->, Tag, Cloverleaf, Ctr Sq-> 3, LA

SS: (To Your Home)
Four Ladies Chain
Sides(H) R/L Thru
Heads(S) Star Thru
Double Pass Thru
Just the Leaders CLOVERLEAF
Trailers Partner Trade
Your Home!