69. PING PONG CIRCULATE Starting formation - Quarter Tag. The movement starts and ends in a Quarter Tag formation. Each dancer Circulates, or moves forward one position along the path shown in Figure 1. The movement may also be called when there is a left-hand wave in the center. In this case, the path circulated along is as shown in Figure 2. (See definition html for this figure)

It should be noted that the Circulate paths are independent of each other. Therefore, it is possible for only those on the outside path to Ping Pong Circulate or only those on the inside path to Ping Pong Circulate.

First we must assume that the instructor knows what a 1/4 Tag formation is. It is an Ocean Wave between couples on either side.

There really are several methods of teaching this call. I will try to describe some, but will NOT indicate which is better.

Method one: Point out the circulating path of the end of the wave. This is easier done if the boys are on the end of the "normal" wave and the outside couples are in "normal" couple position. The boys in the waves, look at the boy's position in the couple in front of them. Remember that all circulates require that you take the footsteps and direction of the one in front of you. Those boys will have to go around the girl on the outside to get to that person's foot steps. For the boys in the single couple position, they are to find the boy directly in front of them and take that person's position and facing direction -- it will require no turning. Now have the boys circulate. One should explain the process again since there will be new boys in the center and new boys on the outside. Now have the boys circulate. It would be wise to ask (tell) the girls to watch what the boys are doing BEFORE the first circulate so when they find themselves in the boys' place they will know what to do.

Now it is the girls' time. Again start with the girls in the wave. Tell them to look for the girl directly in front of them. They will go to that position and don't forget that they must face the same direction she is when they are in that person's foot steps. Remind the girls that it will be a sharp turn because eventually there will be a boy trying to get around them. Now have the girls circulate. Explain the path again because there are different wave girls and outside girls.

Now tell them that everyone is going to circulate at the same time. Do this no less than twice. If it seems everyone understands, put the music on and let them move to the music. Call the name of the movement as many times as you can to get them use to hearing the name.

Method Two. From the 1/4 Tag formation have everyone extend, then Pass Thru. Have those facing step to a wave. Have those facing out do a Partner Trade.

Comment: Be careful of this #2 method. It is doubtful that the dancers will really understand the Circulating paths. That will prove fatal in the long run of the dancers' career.

Rick Hampton

Those in the OUTSIDE couples facing directly a centers BACK will walk forward to take their place-Those in the outside couple facing some one head on will veer to take the place of the wave dancer-Meanwhile those in the Wave will move to the corresponding couple postion (i.e Boys/Girls as described above)-OK DO IT- 3-4 times now Swing thru the centers and sashay the couple-Girls now on the "outside path" Boys inside- do it again- 3-4 times Now Trade the Wave and FOLLOW the above pattern- Simple and Consistent and follows the "Pass Right Shoulders when on a crash course rule"-I hope CL would make (If it isn't already) the folks coming to the couples spot a Right Shoulder pass for Consistency- If not Move the stupid call to A2 or higher where "deviations" from rules are more common

Some routines:

Heads/Sides Pass the Ocean
Ping Pong Circulate
Center Girls Trade
Swing Thru
Turn Thru

head/Sides Pass the Ocean
Boys only Ping Pong Circulate
Girls only Ping Pong circulate
Everyone Ping Pong Circulate
Swing Thru
Outsides Rollaway (or Sashay)
Boys Ping Pong Circulate
Girls Ping Pong Circulate
Everyone Ping Pong Circulate
In the Wave, Boys Run Right
Centers Bend the Line
You're home

A little more complicated
Heads/Sides Square Thru
Touch 1/4
Centers trade
Centers Run Right
Ferris Wheel
Centers Step to a Wave (boys are in the wave)
Ping Pong Circulate
Ping Pong Circulate (this is meant to be a repeat)
Boys Run
Bend the Line
Slide Thru (have you noticed I like Slide Thru over Star Thru?)
Pass to the Center
Square Thru 3/4