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NSM001 - Slow Pickin'/Square Tuba

Slow Pickin' (track 1)

Trumpet picture This music is based on a traditional guitar pick riff which is played slower than normal by a synthesized guitar and instruments which don't often play guitar riffs (trumpet, vibraphone, and marimba). The strings in the background provide a soothing atmosphere. There is a 3 beat introduction and no ending so it loops easily. (time 7:08) Hear an mp3 sample* (989kb download)

Square Tuba (track 2)

Tuba picture This song begins with a happy flute which is soon joined by a tuba which helps keep the beat for the remainder of the piece, and gives the piece its name. Again strings are used as a calming influence and a xylophone, vibraphone, and wood block add interest to the music. A trumpet often plays the melody. Throughout most of the piece a marching beat is kept by the snare drum. There is a 3 beat introduction and no special end so it loops easily. (time 7:20) Hear an mp3 sample* (996kb download)

*NOTE: The MP3 file should start automatically in your media player of choice (Real Player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.).


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