Resolve At Home From Normal Facing Lines

There are many ways to resolve at home during a square dance (for example This game demonstrates a simple way to resolve at home if you have normal facing lines. Assume a square with couple 1 facing in from the bottom. In the first window make a selection which will pair couple 1. Then a second window will appear. Make a selection which will put the number 1 couple at home. Then a third window will appear with a random arrangement of the center 4 dancers. Select the choice that will resolve couple 4 to home. NOTE: You don't need to know couple numbers you just need to know how to resolve the colored couple. To get a big picture of how the game is set up you might want to view the background page first.


Abbreviations used: L-Ch = Ladies Chain, P = Pass Thru, PO = Pass the Ocean, Bend = Bend the line, Done = Don't do anything, WhlDl = Wheel and deal, FerWhl = Ferris Wheel, Recy = Recycle, SwThru = Swing Thru, B-Tr = Boys Trade, B-R = Boys Run, DiveThru = Dive Thru, R&LTh = Right and Left Thru, Slide = Slide Thru, Flutter = Flutter Wheel, Rev Flutter = Reverse Flutter Wheel.

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